Reconditioned & Used Toyota Engines For Sale In South Africa

Hiace1979 – 19871.6 BUS12R
Hi-Lux1979 – 19871.6 SWB12R
Cressida1976 – 19811.8 L18R
Hiace1977 – 19842.0 L18R
Hi-Lux1979 – 19872.0 4X418R
Corolla20072.0 D4D1AD-FTV
Avensis2006 +2.0 I WITH CAT1AZ-FE
Avensis2003 +2.0 I WITHOUT CAT1AZ-FE
Camry20032.0 I1AZ-FE
Rav42000-20062.0 I1AZ-FE
Avensis2003 +2.0 I1AZ-FSE
Land-Cruiser1998 – 20004.5 I1FZ-FE
Cressida1983 – 19862.0 GLI 61GE
Cressida1986 – 19892.0 GLI 61GE
Cressida1989 – 19922.0 GLI 61GFE
Fortuner20064.0 I1GRFE
Fj Crusier2007 +4.0 I1GR-FE
Hi-Lux20054.0 I1GR-FE
Land-Cruiser2003 – 20064.0 PRADO1GR-FE
Prado2003-4.0 I1GR-FE
Tundra2006-4.0 I1GR-FEFI
Land-Cruiser19984.2 D1HD-T
Land-Cruiser1992 – 19984.2 D HZJ 75, 801HZ
Fortuner2006 +3.0 D1KDFTV
Hi-Lux20053.0 D4D1KD-FTV
Land-Cruiser2003+3.0 D4D1KD-FTV
Yaris2006 –1.0 I1KR-FE
Hi-Lux2008 +3.0 D1KZ – GE
Hi-Lux2000 – 20043.0 TD1KZ-TE
Land-Cruiser1998+3.0 TD1KZ-TE
Land-Cruiser1996+3.0 TD PRADO1KZ-TE
Camry2003 +3.0 I1MZ-FE
Corolla2004 – 20071.4 D4D1NDR-TV
Auris2008 – 20101.3 VVT1NRFE
Corolla2008 –1.3 I1NR-FE
Prius2005 – 20091.5 HYBIRD1NZ – FXE
Yaris2006 – 20071.5 VVT1NZ-FE
Yaris2010 –1.5 VVT1NZ-FE
Condor2003 +2.0 I1RZ
Hi-Lux2001 +2.0 L1RZ
Stallion2003 –2.0 I1RZ
Yaris2001 –1.0 I1SZ-FE
Hi-Lux2005 +2.0 L1TR-FE
Hi-Lux2005 +2.0 VVTI1TR-FE
Land-Cruiser2009 –4.6 I1UR-FE
Hi-Lux1979 – 19871.6 LWB, SWB1Y
Auris2008 +1.6 VVT1ZR-FAE
Verso2009-1.6 S1ZR-FAE
Auris2007 +1.6 VVT1ZRFE
Corolla2007 +1.6 I1ZR-FE
Avensis 22003 – 20091.8 I1ZZ – FE
Rav42003 – 20061.8 4×21ZZ – FE
Corolla2002 –1.8 I GSX1ZZ -FE
Corolla2004-20071.8 VERSO1ZZ -FE
Corolla2001 – 20072.0 VERSO1ZZ -FE
Mr22000-1.8 SPYDER1ZZ-FE
Runx2007-1.8 RX1ZZ-FE
Cressida1983 – 19862.0 GLE21R
Cressida1981 – 19862.0 GL, GLX21R
Cressida1987 – 19922.4 GL, GLE22R
Hi-Lux1994 – 19962.4 S22R
Corolla2005 – 20092.2 D VERSO2AD-FHV
Corolla1984 – 19881.3 G2AL
Rav42005 – 20072.4 I2AZ – FE
Avensis2004 +2.4 I2AZ-FE
Camry2003 – 20072.4 I2AZ-FE
Corolla20092.4 XRS2AZ-FE
Avensis2005+2.4 I2AZ-FSE
Hi-Lux1990 +2.2 D2C
Conquest20001.3 TAZZ2E
Conquest1993 – 19961.3 SPORT2E
Corolla1993 – 19961.3 12V2E
Conquest1986 – 19931.3 GS, S 12V2EL
Corolla +19861.3 L, GL, 12V2EL
Land-Cruiser1981 – 19854.2 I2F
Rav42007 – 20103.5 I2GR – FE
Camry2009 –3.5 XLE2GR-FE
Land-Cruiser1981 – 19854.0 D2H
Fortuner2007 +2.5 D4D2KDFTV
Hi-Lux2005 +2.5 D4D2KD-FTV
Quantum2005 –2.5 D2KD-FTV
Hiace1983 – 19922.4 D2L
Hiace1983 – 19922.4 D 12V2L
Hiace1983 – 19922.4 D 12V2L
Hiace19922.4 D 24V2L
Hi-Lux1983-19922.2 D2L
Hi-Lux19922.4 D2L
Hi-Lux19922.4 D 12V2L
Venture1995 – 20002.4D2L
Yaris2006-1.3 VVT2NZ-FE
Condor2000 +2.4 I2RZ
Corolla20071.8 L2RZ – FE
Corolla1980 – 19851.6 GL TRD2T
Corolla1983 – 19891.6 VAN2T
Corolla1980 – 9831.6 SE2TB
Hi-Lux2005 –2.7 VVTI2TR-FE
Land-Cruiser2005+2.7 I2TR-FE
Quantum2006 –2.7 I2TR-FE
Sesfikile2007 –2.7I2TR-FE
Pervia1995 -19992.4 I2TZ-FE
Land-Cruiser2000 –4.7  I2UZ-FE
Sequoia2009 –4.7 I2UZ-FE
Tundra2006-4.7 I2UZ-FEFI
Condor2000 – 20031.8 L2Y
Cressida1986 – 19891.8 LS2Y
Hiace1984 – 19851.8 WAGON, VAN2Y
Hi-Lux1987-19961.8 S SR2Y
Stallion1992 – 19971.8 L2Y
Venture1992 – 20001.8 L2Y
Auris2009 +1.8 VVT2ZR-FAE
Verso2009-1.8 SX2ZR-FAE
Auris2007 +1.8 VVT2ZR-FE
Yaris1.81.8 TURBO2ZR-FE
Prius2009-1.8 HYBIRD2ZR-FXE
Corolla2002 –1.8 I2ZZ-GE
Runx2003-1.8 RSI2ZZ-GE
Mr21993-2.2 I34-FE
Land-Cruiser19884.0 I3F
Hi-Lux2001 – 20042.7 VVTI3RZ-FE
Land-Cruiser2003+2.7 I3RZ-FE
Celica19892.0 TURBO3S GTE
Camry1992 – 20012.0 I,S3S-FE
Rav41995 – 20002.0 I3S-FE
Mr22005-2.0 16V3SGE
Mr21993-2.0 16V3SGTE
Celica19902.0 TURBO3S-GTE
Corolla1980 – 19851.8 SE, GLS SPRINTER3T
Corolla1980 – 19811.8 TRD3T
Cressida1980 – 19861.8 L,LS,DX3T
Tundra2009-5.7 SR53UR5BE
Land-Cruiser2009-4.7 I3UR-FE
Sequoia2009 –5.7 SR53UR-FE
Camry1992 – 20013.0 SEI3VZ-FE
Cressida1989 – 19922.0 GS3Y
Dyna1985 – 19952.0 L3Y
Hiace1984 – 19872.0 VAN BUS3Y
Hi-Lux1983 + 19862.0 S3Y
Stout1966 – 19892.0 CARB3Y
Corolla2010 +2.0 VTT3ZR-FAE
Avensis 22003 – 20091.6 I3ZZ-FE
Corolla2002 +1.6 I3ZZ-FE
Corolla20051.6 VERSO3ZZ-FE
Corolla1997 – 20071.6 16V4A – FE
Corolla1984 – 19881.6 L4A 4AL
Conquest1988-19931.6  16V SPORT4AF
Corolla1988 – 19931.6 16V SPORT4AF
Corolla1988 – 19931.6 GLX GLS4AF
Conquest1993 – 19981.6 I RS SPORT4A-FE
Corolla1996 – 2007160I GL  GLE4A-FE
Corolla1993 – 19961.6 GL, GLE4A-FE
Conquest1986 – 19881.6 RSI4AGE
Conquest1988 – 19931.6 RSI TWINCAM4AGE
Corolla1990 +1.6 GLI  T-CAM4AGE
Corolla1988 – 19931.6 GLI  T-CAM4AGE
Corolla1997 +1.6 RSI,RXI 20V4AGE
Corolla1985 – 19881.6 T – CAM4AGE
Mr21986 – 19881.6 COUPE4AGE
Conquest1985 – 19881.6 GL4AL
Conquest1992 –1.6 RS4AL
Corolla1982 – 19851.3 L LS GL RWD4K
Tuv1982 – 19871.3 H4K
Dyna1994 – 19962.2 6-0944Y
Hiace1992 +2.2 BUS4Y
Hiace19872.2 TURBO ALPINE4Y
Hiace1987 – 20002.2 WAGON GLX4Y
Hi-Lux1985 – 19862.2 4X44Y
Venture1994 – 20002.2 G4Y
Auris2007 +1.4 VVT4ZZ-FE
Corolla2002 – 20071.4 I4ZZ-FE
Runx2003-1.4 VVT4ZZ-FE
Runx2003-1.6 VVT4ZZ-FE
Stallion1987 – 19921.5 L5K
Tuv19851.5 L5K
Hi-Lux1997 – 20053.0 D5L
Cressida1985 – 19862.8 I5ME
Celica1984 – 19882.8 SUPRA5MGE
Cressida1986  19862.8 RSI5MGE
Dyna1978 – 19862.0 L5R
Stout1967 – 19702.0 HE5R
Camry1992-19972.0 I, SI,SEI5S-FE
Camry1997-20022.2 SI, SEI5S-FE
Land-Cruiser199719993.4 V6 PRADO GX VX5VZ-FE
Prado1997-3.4 GX VX5VZ-FE
Dyna1985 – 19952.0 LWB5Y
Corolla1993 – 19961.8 GSX, GLE, SPORT7A – FE
Conquest1993 – 19961.8 I  SPORT RSI7A-FE
Cressida1989 –3.0 GLS  24V7MGE
Cressida1989 – 19923.0 TURBO7MGE
Supra1990 -19923.0 I7MGE
Land-Cruiser1974 – 1982 4.0 DH , 2H
Avanza2006 +1.3K3VE
Avanza1999 – 20051.5IK5VE
Hi-Lux1979 –2.2 D  SUPER GLOWL
Hi-Lux1979 +2.2 DL
Hi-Lux1995 – 1996280 DY-715R
Avante1985 – 19881.6 GLE
Avante1985 – 19881.6 GLI
Etios2012 +1.5 I
Land-Cruiser2002 –4.5 I


Toyota Engines For SaleEngines for sale of any brand including all those made by Toyota, despite their sturdiness and reliability requires routine maintenance. Sooner or later pretty much all vehicles need to have their engines replaced in addition to all round servicing. In spite of this, as opposed to a number of other automobile companies, whose components may not be conveniently obtainable when necessary, we offer you an easy way of finding used toyota engines for sale in South Africa. Additionally, a rigid QC system to check on every engine before it is sold is carried out.

If you cannot the Toyota engine you are looking for  in South Africa, another last resort is to look abroad. E.g offers used toyota engines for sale in the United States. They are connected to wide network of auto wreckers and salvage yards.

Whenever replacement materials are required, genuine spare parts should be made use of wherever possible. Toyota parts are dependable and cost-effective; notwithstanding this it is possible that several Toyota drivers may not be able to have the funds for genuine brand new replacement spare parts. If that is the case, numerous alternatives are obtainable, that helps to make certain that the replacement parts applied to the vehicle are safe as well as being dependable.

Slightly older cars can get second-hand engines for Toyota automobiles sold and traded at various venues, such as auto garages, scrap yards, and more. Used Toyota engines are a feasible choice, since there are lots of Toyota vehicle owners who without delay replace their engines straight away. Making use of second-hand engines has its own benefits as they can be in good condition, as a result they could work for a very extensive period and are less expensive for those that can’t afford completely new engines. Before buying second-hand or used petrol or diesel engine, don’t simply take the sellers word for it or depend entirely on product imagery published on the web by the retailer. A proper inspection is ideal prior to purchase, in the event the vendor is situated close by, pay a visit to them to check out the motor.

Buying after-market replacement auto spare parts is an option that lots of people today elect to get. Even though this is a fine solution for some people, being stress-free knowing that the car is going to work far more smoothly working with new Toyota replacement spare parts is definitely worth some serious thought.

Stepping into the automobile production industry the mid 1930’s was Toyota Motors. Created to increase the customers overall approval, the firm’s major aim was to deliver high quality autos. The ‘lean manufacturing’ principle was adopted bringing efficiency to the production process equating not only to enhanced product sales, but also providing buyers with a commodity worthy of its monetary value. Dependability, overall performance and value for money are symbolic of the Toyota name, certainly one of the present days most favored brands in the industry, for the most part due to the corporation’s dedication to production techniques and a focus to costs.[/su_column]

Toyota 4Runner Engines For Sale


The JZ engine from Toyota is a chain of six lined up automobile engines. Created as a substitute for M-series inline-six engines that utilized a 24-valve DOHC. These engines were designed with 2.5 and 3.0-liter editions. This article exemplary provides information concerning these engine types and their applications.

Toyota 1JZ EngineThe 1JZ Engine

A 2492 cc engine manufactured from 1990 to 2007. Its last application was on Mark II Blit and the Crown Athlete car models. It had a cylinder bore of 86mm and a stroke of 71.5mm. 1JZ Engine type uses a twenty four valve DOHC and has a two belt driven camshafts.

Toyota 1JZ-GE EngineThe 1JZ-GE Engine

A non-turbo engine that was produced between 1990 and 1995. The 1JZ-GE engine has a power and torque production of 125kilowatts at 6000rpm and 235Nm at 4800rpm respectively. It`s latest non-turbo engine release had improved power production of 147 kilowatts at 6000 revolutions per minute and a torque output of 251Nm at 4000rpm. This 2.5-liter engine utilizes over-square bore of 86 by 71.5 mm with a natural appearance with a compression ratio of 10.1. The 1JZ-GE engine assisted by a 24 valve DOHC together with twin stage intake is created for longitudinal climbing and a rear wheel drive. The 1JZ-GE engine models came with four-speed automatic transmission with no manual gearbox.

Toyota JZ-GTE Engine1JZ-GTE Engine Model

The first generation of these engine models was introduced in 1991 and applied in Toyota model known as Chaser, and the third-generation model of 1JZ-GTE VVTi was transferred into MX83 Toyota Cressida of 1989. It had a double CT12A turbo-changers in a parallel arrangement gusting through side/front mount air to air intercooler. This engine has an inert density ratio of 8.5.1 with a power output of 210 kilowatts (280PS) at 6200 revolutions per minute and a torque output of 363Nm at 4800rpm. Its bore and stroke are same as those of 1JZ-GE. It is perceived that Yamaha was also involved in the production of this engine because some of its parts have their badges like the cam-gear-cover. In 1991, the engine was fitted into Soarer GT.

The early generations of 1JZ-GTE engine models combined an inline-6 cylinder engine together with an accelerating ability of its tiny stroke to boost its power delivery using turbochargers. Its turbines were made with ceramic and were susceptible to delamination under great impeller revolutions per minute and temperature conditions resulting from that created great enhancement. First generation was the most affected by turbo failures because of a defective one-way head valve located on the consumption camshaft casing that caused blow-by gasses into the intake. The second generation never experienced such problems, and there was an order to fix all first generation JZ engines in Japan.

In 1996, the third generation 2.5 liter 1JZ-GTE engine with Toyota`s BEAM design was introduced. It had many changes including a revised head, new valve mastery mechanism, improved water jackets, and new shims. Its turbo arrangement also changed from double-twin CT12A to a more efficient single CT15B turbo. The new excellent designed increased the compression ratio and torque output to 9:0:1 and 379 Nm respectively. These changes enhanced the engine efficiency and minimized fuel consumption by 10%.

The 1JZ-GTE engine was mainly used in Toyota`s X Chassis cars such as Mark II, Chaser, Cresta, the Crown Athlete, JZZ30 Soarer and Verossa. The applications of this engine include; Toyota Soarer JZZ30, Supra Mark III JZA70 in Japan and Australia, Toyota chaser/mark II, Tourer V (JZX81, JZX100, JZX110)/Cresta, Toyota crown JZS170, Verossa, and Mark II Blit.

Toyota 1JZ-FSE EngineThe 1JZ-FSE Engine

Direct injection engine types introduced by Toyota in 2000. They are targeted at attaining negligible emissions and minimal fuel consumption and optimum performance. The 1JZ-FSE is a 2.5-liter engine type with a similar block like the one contained in the 1JZ-GE engine. It`s narrow cylinder head combine by swirl controller faucets to enhance combustion effectiveness. It generates a power output of 200PS (147kW) and a torque output of 250Nm and is always used by computerized transmission. The engine is used in Mark II, Progres, Verossa, Crown, Brevis and Mark II Blit car models.

Toyota 2JZ EngineThe 2JZ Engine

It is a 3.0-liter engine with a 2997 cc capacity that has been developed since 1991. It first appeared in Toyota Aristo in 1991. It has a bore of 86mm (3.39″) and a stroke of 86mm (3.39″). In 1997, valve timing mechanism was added to be included in the 1998 model.

The 2JZ-GE Engine

It is a mutual style with an output power of 215230PS (158169kW) at 5800 to 6000rpm and a torque output of 283298Nm (209220lbft) between 3800 and 4800rpm. The 2JZ-GE engine utilizes successive electronic fuel consumption because it is composed of a head made from aluminum and four valves per cylinder and a block cyclinder made of cast iron. This engine wasn’t a coil-on-plug ignition system but relied on one coil to ignite two cylinders. It`s applications include; Toyota Altezza AS300, Toyota lexus, Aristo, Toyota Crown Majesta, Lexus GS300, Toyota Soarer, Toyota Crown, Chaser, Mark II, Toyota Cresta, Progres, lexus SC 300, and Toyota Supra SZ car models.

Toyota 2JZ-GTE EngineThe 2JZ-GTE Engine

An inline 6-cylinder engine that was developed between 1991 and 2002 that is belt driven and has a twin overhead camshaft. Other specifications include; air-intercooler, double turbo-charge, cast iron block, recessed piston tops, oil spray nozzle, a different head, and aluminum cylinder all designed and produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation. The engine had two gearboxes for all road car applications. It initially powered Toyota Aristo V in 1991 but later became the top rated performance engine in Toyota Supra RZ. It was designed on the basis of 2JZ-GE engine with advancements in air-air side fixed intercooler and successive double turbochargers.

Regarding those advancements, the torque and power outputs were increased. The extra twin turbochargers from Toyota and Hitachi in the successive development increased industry estimated power production from 169 Kilowatts (230 PS) to 206 Kilowatts (230 PS) at 5600 revolutions per minute and torque output from 435Nm (320lbft) to 451Nm (333lbft) respectively.

Export version of 2JZ-GTE also achieved increased power output after the introduction of brand stainless steel turbo-chargers, modified camshaft, and larger injectors – 550cc for export and 440cc for Japanese. The CT20 Japanese turbine is similar to the export CT12B turbine that allows the exchange of the drain side propeller shaft. The export turbine has a durable casing with steel impeller fines and turbine. Its applications include; Toyota Aristo V300 JZS161/3.0VJZS147 (Japan only), Toyota Supra and RZ/Turbo JZA80.

Toyota 2JZ-FSE EngineThe 2JZ-FSE Engine

The 2JZ-FSE is a three-liter engine that utilizes direct injection rule same as 1JZ-FSE but a difference in the compression ratio of 11:3:1. The engine compliments the common VVT-I 2JZ-GE with a power output of 162kW and a torque output of 294Nm (216lbft). It is used in automatic transmission.

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Hi there

We have launched a new website, on which you can order a wide range of hygiene products at wholesale pricing for your office. We supply amongst others:

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-commercial disinfectants
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Should you wish to view our full range, please visit our website
We ship nationwide across South Africa

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PS. We currently have a special offer - a free box of 100 individually wrapped sanitising sachets with all orders over R500
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